Prices and Finances

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Finance Options and Payment Plans

Interest Free Finance Options (0% APR) and Payment Plans are available for eligible patients.
Repayment plans over 6 to 10 months is a popular choice for many patients, as there are no costs for credit.

Skin Medical Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as we recognise that investing in some procedures can impose a barrier to obtaining the treatment you desire. We have teamed up with a leading UK finance provider, authorised by Financial Conduct Authority, that provides affordable Interest Free for those eligible.
Application for finance could not be simpler, and can be completed either in-house at our clinic or if you prefer you can apply online at home without incurring delays in approval. There is no paper work to complete and post back to us as the application is fully automated online. Approval normally takes just a few seconds upon completing the application.
Patients who meet the following criteria are suitable applicants:

Patients who meet the following criteria are suitable applicants:

  • UK residents, 18 or over who work at least 16 hours per week.
  • Provide employment and address history for past 3 years.
  • Offer a clear credit history without defaults, Court judgments or bankruptcies during the past 3 years.


The total cost for the surgical procedure, performed by an NHS consultant, including all consultations, endoscope examination and medical assessment fees is £1,950. A £500 deposit is required when you do decide to book your appointment for surgery.
The cost of the initial consultation and medical assessment is £70. There are no additional charges for medicine or tablets. At the consultation the client is under no obligation to proceed should they not wish to. We do not employ sales persons; patients are in contact with medical practitioners at all times.